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Use & Maintenance Instructions for
Carefoam Series 100 Rollabout Chairs

These instructions apply to the following models: CF100, CF120, CF130, CF140, CF160, and CF180

Seating Methods

Entry methods are given for each model; to exit, simply reverse each given procedure.

Important: Always lock casters during entry & exit!


Weight-Bearing Residents

Lounge - CF180

Have the resident stand at the side of the chair and sit into seat bucket with legs over chair side, then swivel legs 90° to the front.

One-piece - CF120

Use same procedure as Lounge. – OR – Position the resident on the leg rest portion of the chair, then slide the resident up into the seating area.

Two-piece - CF100, CF140, CF160

Lock front casters in “pigeon-toed” position and have the resident sit into the chair from its front. – OR – Position one caregiver on each side of the chair, with the resident standing between them at the chair front. Tip the chair from the rear by grasping the handle and lifting forward, then ease the resident into the chair, supporting as necessary, and slowly lower the chair until the rear casters rest on the floor. Bring the ottoman to the chair, then raise the resident’s legs and the comfort cover to rest upon the ottoman.

The ottoman may be turned to support the resident’s legs in several different angles, from slight decline through straight extension, to elevation.

Two Piece Plus Rollabout Chair Assembly, Use and Maintenance Video

Non-Weight-Bearing Residents

Any Model

Carefoam chairs are designed for ease of use with a variety of mechanical lifts. Follow facility procedures with these residents. We suggest placing the chair’s comfort cover under the resident in bed, then the lift harness under the comfort cover. Attach the harness to the lift, then transport the resident into the chair.

Important: Residents, particularly those who are restless or aggressive, should be supervised
at all times.



Three of the four casters have brakes that should be applied (depressed) whenever the chair is standing, with or without a resident in it.

One of the casters at the back of the chair – with the brake of a different color – is a steering or directional lock. This should be ON (depressed) whenever moving the chair forward, and OFF (released) when moving the chair sideways or backwards.

Regular cleaning (including removal of loose threads, etc.) will keep the casters turning smoothly.

Security Belt (Optional)

A custom three-point security belt (where its use is not disallowed) may be ordered and adapted to the Two-Piece chair.

Adaptation requires the attachment (at the bottom of the chair, on front and both sides) of fastening brackets for the belt ends.


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