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Slip Cover Maintenance Guidelines
(from the manufacturer of Crypton® upholstery fabric)

Carefoam covers are treated with Ultra-Fresh* for antibacterial and freshness protection.

Clean all stains as quickly as possible.

Blot off excess spills; then depending on the spill or stain, follow the guide below. Remember to thoroughly rinse the cleaning product off the fabric.

General cleaning

Wash fabric with plain water, a mild soap solution, or a customary upholstery foam shampoo. For stubborn stains, use a soft brush.

Blood, body waste, perspiration, food, beverages, cosmetics, or medications

Use water-based cleaning products, enzyme-type detergents (such as Tide® or Cheer®) mixed with water, or mild germicidal detergents.

Ink, markers or crayons

Clean with a strong water-based cleaner. NOTE: Some inks may cause permanent stains.

DO NOT use solvent-based cleaning products or bleach, as they will eventually harm the fabric. If bleach must be used, a solution of three parts water to one part bleach is recommended. Ensure the bleach solution is COMPLETELY rinsed from the fabric.

DO NOT use any products that contain highly toxic tetrachloride.

We recommend that you do not use any cleaners without first testing them on a section of the fabric that is hidden.



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